Aquashot 3E: 1998-2000

These first 12 represents the best out of about 40 exposed rolls in various locales using the Aquashot 3E model with APS film. I used this model from 1998 - 2000. It's interesting to note however that 3 dives account for 8 of them. These came on days of excellent conditions. The middle row are all of subjects on oil platform Edith in LA. Visibility was in excess of 80ft, thanks in part to the distance off shore and the depth to the sandy bottom at 160. The metridium shot was taken at -140ft, proving the 125ft limit to be a little conservative. Ike believed the camera would be ok, but wasn't sure it would actually work.

The first and second on the top roll came from a dive at the Outer Pinnacles in Carmel. It was the first time all spring that surge wasn't throwing me back and forth 20ft. It was early in the morning, so the water was still pretty black, but with almost no suspended particles. The kelp diver is at San Clemente Island. This is probably #12 on the list, but I like the draping stalks effect. The other rockfish was my oldest image, taken in October, 1998. It represents well the hidden color of Californian diving. The bottom row all came from my recent vacation to Roatan, Honduras, my first warm water trip with the complete camera kit. I had some problems with the strobe and with quickly draining batteries in the camera, but got quite a few interesting pictures, including 5 of a 25' whaleshark. The first two were taken with the MACRO lens, making the fish about 3" in length each.

Aquashot A35: 2000-2001


Looking back on my more recent photos, I was a bit disappointed that my best shots taken on 35mm film with the A35 didn't outshine the older ones. In the general, it is a much better camera and I get better photos from it. But...I've taken fewer rolls and taken it to fewer different locations. Many of the trips away from California were hit with a lot of haze in the water. No matter how good the equipment, you still need to go out and take a lot of shots.

Honorables... being redone now

California Moray also a macro shot.
Kelp siluoetted in the sunlight
Tube Anemonies in the sand flats.